Health, well-being, comfort, that’s puls.A. The new Alfmeier Seating AddOn is a world first. With puls.A comfort increases to healthy sitting. Take a seat and find out what kind of progressiveness can be found in a car seat. Breathtaking awaits you. With puls.A every sitting is an experience.

A world first


Your daily life is characterized by stress, hectic pace and time pressure. This affects your body – your health. Chronic diseases can develop. Alfmeier puls.A lets everyone relax better while sitting, switch off from everyday life and help to slow down – not only in the car. Alfmeier massage systems with puls.A can stimulate your muscles while sitting and prevent tension.

puls.A generates frequencies in Alfmeier massage systems that stimulate your muscles in your back and buttocks. This can alleviate pain and counteract poor posture.


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